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Phoenix Last UpDated:
December 22nd 2001

Text written by and copyright © 2001,2010 Laura Cain
HTML and layout design by and copyright © 2001,2010 Rebellious O'Megan One

I gaze upward, feeling like a phoenix, my featherless wings reaching back
The fire and flames brew within the core of my being
Where a lone drum beats, vibrating, expanding, encompassing all internals
The heat intensifies, the stretch exceeds expectation, far beyond the body and the mind
Out from the cloud comes clarity, I follow the wind.

In the asana, above me flies a vulture, the scavenger of the sky
Circling around my evading energy and devouring its dark discipline
A balance created by the beast so criticized for his dining of decayed delights.
Lifting my heart, I humbly thank the tagged "ugly" for his innate beauty and purpose,
For digesting the dysfunctional demons of denial, and allowing release through revelation.

A vision.
Red strands are pulled from my carcass, tendons.tension
A spring-loaded larynx, projects a voice no longer silent
Stronger, wiser, wilder
The black bird continues to pull me apart.
I watch deeply, sing loudly.

From karmic corners past, my quest for truth
Is like sifting through sand when the elements are most fierce,
A timeless tick this task, charted only by the taskmaster.
The inertia of intention will provide pathways, discoveries,
for this soul's demons and disease to dissipate.