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 MojoZone  Brittany's Ireland Last UpDated:

Written and copyright (c) 2004,2007 by Brittany Reilly
HTML designed and copyright (c) 2007, Rebellious O'Megan One
I  was walking along your path, 
and I came to a beautiful grass green hill. 
I climbed a top 
 and sang 
  because I'm happy, 
  because I'm free.

I walked down 
 and I felt the presence of my grandmother 
 and of June carter.
They were walking with me 
 down this hill, 
to the beautiful weeds 
 growing sideways 
 and upward to the heavens.  
They helped me 
 to pick the most beautiful of them all,
and showed me 
 how not to disturb.  
I brought these treasures 
 back to my car.  
The ground was soft, 
 and the ground was wet, 
  so I opted for boots 
   instead of tennies.  
With my new feet, 
 I walked  more confidently.  
Confident in my comfort.  
I went past the hill 
 and over to the crick.  
Looking down the stream 
 the gold and the beautiful earth hues were flying all about.  
Waving in the wind and beckoning me to explore them.  
Asking for me to dance with them.

Listening for my  voice.  
I listened to the words of my elders 
 and hummed along 
  as I picked the most beautiful creations.  
They were dry, 
 and soft 
  like cotton.  
I gathered many different seeds 
 and arranged them so beautifully.
I crossed the crick and spun about, 
 dancing and singing your words,  
I look to see the source of the crackle 
 and 5 deer pass before me.  
I feel them,
and I feel you in me, 
 I see your face in theirs.  
And they stop 
 to turn around
  fearing my intentions 
   and I soothe them 
    with your voice.  
I sing to them 
 and let them know
  your eye is on the sparrow. 
And titles be titles 
 but we both knew, 
that meant your  eyes 
 were upon us too.  
And you must have been loving our purest of connection, 
for they felt the comfort to  stay.  
And they watched me intently  
 as your words filled the air 
  and I felt that I sang them quite sweetly.  
It seemed as though the one was still very nervous 
 and watching me, 
  ready to run.  
And the others quite friendly, 
 and young  
I think too, 
 they watched 
  and they played 
   and had fun.  
But the one was very in tune with me
and  did not remove his eyes from mine.  
I looked deep within them 
 and he too saw me 
  and I love them so much 
   and I thank thee. 
For giving me this beautiful time 
 with these beautiful creatures 
  so lovely.  
So gentle and pure and so beautiful they are, 
that fluffy white tail in my memory.  
The one so intent on me, 
 he liked your  song Lord.  
He stomped his foot and  raised his chin to me,
he seemed then to invite me. 
But I knew he was alone, 
 and  declined in fear,
and continued to sing to him lightly.  
They soon ran away, 
 for adventure was near 
  and I continued on up the stream.  
Dodging your prickers, 
 your warnings, 
  my attention, 
   and I came to an  abandoned camp.  
From a distance 
 it looked sweet 
  like a home well lived in, 
but as I neared 
 I saw it was dead.  
For the seats of the chairs held water for weeks, 
 and the cooler was bare, 
  and the tent was a wreck.  
I passed along through 
 and I came to a  field, 
a field I would have loved to play in.  
But too tall were the weeds 
and I wished  not to stomp them, 
so I turned 
 and headed back 
  through the wood.  

For as far as I could,
I traveled in the  trees, 
 but the branches down and around 
  they grew thicker,
   so I escaped 
    to the sun 
and the other side of the river.  
I continued on down 
 and found trails 
  of my friends, 
these trails I trusted 
 and followed.  
To the place 
 of their quiet listening 
  I soon myself found, 
and a small little lake 
 in the  clearing.  
So I kept on kept on
 and  under your shade, 
  I felt the glory of my ancestors.  
I wished to live like them 
 among my own  
  and travel through the land 
   with my sisters.  
I was aware of my surroundings; 
so as not to be caught 
 off guard, 
and not too long 
 before I reached my sweet hill again.  
By the time that I did, 
it was all I could do 
 to keep myself from running.  
Up the hill 
 I climbed so proudly,  
nestled in your bounty 
 and to the top of that mound
  I did sing.  
I saw a couple 
 and their dog 
and another  
 and their daughter 
and I prayed 
 that they too felt your glory.  
And escaped then did I 
 to another exploration ground, 
passing ducks 
 and a man with a story.  

I see another deer,
 and it reminds me 
  of my friend, 
and I smile, 
 remembering our sweetness.  
He was running 
 from the man 
  that was calling his name 
and he crossed the path
 in front of me 
  and into the wood.  
I was singing again 
 and he knew that voice
 and he paused 
 and hesitated 
  to listen.  
And soon 
 he was facing me 
  with that same intent look, 
so I told him of you, 
 and not to be frightened.  
He came closer 
 quite a bit, 
  though I  made no move, 
I just sang 
 and watched out 
  for the man.

And as I sang 
 of your love 
  and our brotherhood 
   and not to fear, 
he gestured to me 
 that he understood.  
And after a bit 
 he must go, 
but he gave me his blessing 
 before re-entering into the wood.  
He moved slowly, 
 for the singing did not cease, 
and I felt a bit of pain.  
I  knew he would be missed.  
 But I let him go, 
  our time will be again 
and I entered the wood, 
 myself ready to dance.  

I listened to my family play  
 and asked you for your warmth Lord.  
I removed the cloth 
 that covered my shoulders 
  and continued on your  path.  
I hung my cloth upon your branches; 
 you held them while you watched me. 
And I thanked you 
 for this beautiful afternoon 
  and began by dancing lightly.  
Before I knew,
 it was you dancing too  
  and we frolicked 
   and spun 
    and clapped.  
And I let down my glory for you lord 
 and also for the warmth around my neck.  
We danced for my family 
 that plays your sweet songs.  
We danced for Ireland, 
 green and true.  
We danced for my ancestors 
 and all those above me, 
  watching over,
   seated next to  you.  
We left my belongings 
 to dance in the wood 
and I cared not
 if they I would return to. 
For your warmth in my blood 
 and the memories of love, 
  they flowed so strongly through.  
I knew at this time 
 I need nothing more 
and I left all these things 
 there behind me, 
and we ran 
and we skipped 
and we doe-si-doed 
and I thought of my family so lovely.  

I escaped to the woods
 with all of my  sisters 
and we spun in the midst of the trees, 
and soon come the men 
 to make us some music 
and we dance for them 
and dance for thee.  

I gather the children 
 and lead them down pathways 
  that once our people did camp
and we frolicked 
and loved 
and lived in your way lord

oh the places they will go
 and will see. 
The things they will share 
 for the treasures you bare 
  and their eyes to see your glory.  
They will take this with them; 
 things that cannot be broken, 
  and carry our names, 
   carry our story.  
 And we put on a show 
  for all there that grows 
and we thanked them 
 for being there for us, 
 and we laughed 
 and greeted one another 
  in our dance 
 and all sung along to the chorus.  
It was time now 
 to go back to Ireland  
and with open arms 
 I met them.  
The  people of my family, 
 the land of my birth, 
  that feeling I cannot name 
   had set in.

And it was not I driving the vehicle anymore 
 and I contributed to their sounds.
My feet stomping the earth 
 and the  humming I heard 
  as I traveled oer your grounds.  
My hair was cold, 
 and softer than snow  
 and it comforted me, 
 and all around me.  
And the trees were thrilled 
 at my dancing and swirls 
and I could feel them over me
And into the dark I skipped 
 oh so quickly 
  and there it was 
   I was found.  
And we danced together, 
 my family, 
  to  the beat of our hearts and drums.  
And it twisted 
 and curled 
 and trembled 
 and swirled 
 and it hit us 
 and kept  us all moving.  
I had nothing to fear, 
 for you were so near,
  you never did leave my side.  
And I made my way slowly 
 to the songs of my men 
  and I traveled over that countryside.  
I wore not my spectacles, 
 and needed them not to see, 
  I had you, 
   and my heart showed the landscapes.  
And if my skin felt a chill, 
 I asked you for warmth, 
  your love I cannot escape.  
Asking my loved ones 
 to blow down for me their warmth
  I had no gloves
   I  left them, 
   on your arm.  
I was  blessed with warmth 
 only from heaven above 
and I faded into another song.  

They took me up and down, 
 and all  around, 
 and calm was the theme of this one. 
And I meditated, 
and felt no pain
 felt real, 
  and secret
  and hidden.  
Then I gathered my things 
 and asked you this question
  can I please to share you with others?  
For I felt selfish here 
 and I wished to be near the strength 
 and the faith of others.  
To show them this beauty, 
 this freedom,  
 this warmth.  
Not to keep it for only me.  
For it was meant to be shared, 
 and treasured together as one, 
 like it ought to be.  
So I made my way back
 and the music had ended, 
so I began to sing my own song. 
And I sang straight to you, Lord, 
sang it  so true, 
 for the stars, 
 for the night sky, 
 the log. 

And I came to the lot, 
 which held my way  out
 my way back into the real world.
And I asked for your guidance 
 in my quest  
 for this sharing 
 and taking care of all of your children. 
And I made you a  promise 
 that none but you heard 
 and this promise is why I am living.  

And I will wait here 
for your light 
 soon to guide me, 
 and I wait 
 and I wait 
 and I wait.  
For the place that we will build 
 for these people 
 these souls, 
 none other than heaven could be so great.