(c) 1997, Patti Pasculli
                                            a poem
                                            NOTE: in memory of my mom
                                                  this is about her and i
                                                  and about me dealing with her death
                                            "neither do i"
                                            written 5-11-95 at 12:30pm
                                            turn around a look at me
                                               what do you see?
                                            look into my eyes
                                               look deep into me
                                            are you crying for me?
                                            i don't like it when you look at me that way
                                            look at me
                                               not that way
                                            you cry for me
                                               no tears left
                                            i sit in a corner most of the day
                                               with my knees to my chest
                                                  i'm safe that way
                                            please don't cry for me
                                            go to your own corner
                                               i'll cry for you
                                            i'll pretend
                                            i'll pretend to cry
                                            you'll feel safe
                                            i want to make you safe
                                            i'll hold you all night
                                               'till you tell me to let you go
                                            i'll share my corner with you
                                            you don't want to be left alone
                                            neither do i