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Florida (1998)
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HTML, pictures & text copyright © 2007,2011 Rebellious O'Megan One
These images were acquired with a Kalimar single-lense reflex camera
using 35mm 400asa color film negative
digitally scanned with EZPhoto 
and saved as 24-bit true-color JPEG
bull.jpg cowherd.jpg cows1.jpg death2.jpg death.jpg dragon1.jpg garden.jpg gator1.jpg gator2.jpg gator3.jpg
glades1.jpg kudzu2.jpg kudzu.jpg nitelite.jpg onions.jpg patisun.jpg peacock1.jpg peacock2.jpg punker1.jpg punker2.jpg
sandprnt.jpg shadow1.jpg shadow2.jpg shields.jpg sinkplnt.jpg swamplif.jpg tornado2.jpg tornado.jpg vanbush.jpg vandash.jpg
vanroof0.jpg vanroof.jpg vulture2.jpg