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 These images were acquired using a Kalimar single-lense reflex camera 
 loaded with 400asa 35mm color negative film
 printed onto 3"x5" kodak photographic paper
 digitally scanned with an EZPhoto
 saved as 24-bit true-color 544x786 JPEGs

 Including a single aerial photograph, panoramic mosaic, flying out of
 Los Angeles.  Taking off towards the west (view looking north), turning 180
 degrees past Catalina Island, and ending while heading east (view looking

 Elena Gold
 Eri Robinson
 Josh Grunfeld
 Boeing 747
 Catalina Island
 SouthWest Desert
777tail.jpg ana747.jpg elena.jpg eri.jpg josh.jpg la10.jpg la11.jpg la12.jpg la13.jpg
la14.jpg la15.jpg la16.jpg la17.jpg la18.jpg la19.jpg la1.jpg la20.jpg la21.jpg la22.jpg
la23.jpg la24.jpg la2.jpg la3.jpg la4.jpg la5.jpg la6.jpg la7.jpg la8.jpg la9.jpg
lax.jpg takeoff.jpg