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(2008 March 01)
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This roll of film was not actually exposed with the Kalimar camera,
but was loaded in a camera is owned by Bill Platt
it is a nice 35mm with a single multi-purpose lense
i don't know what kind of color film, probably 200 asa Kodak or Fuji
The similarity between the two cameras led me to group their pictures
together, for ease of HTML code-writing.

Some of these pictures are in San Francisco California circa 2007
Michael Platt
Jeff Platt
Mara Platt
Gabriel Platt
a golden labrador retriever Platt
William Platt
Platt House

Some of these pictures were taken by Rebel One,
of an Osprey eagle nesting around Lake Okeechobee,

Some of these pictures were taken by Karen Tanya Blake
of people skydiving, also 2008.march.01, south west corner of
lake okeechobee, floridian peninsula.