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MojoZone Elephant Hunting at Mickey's
a PhotoDocumented story
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I went over the other day and started elephant hunting.  
It was easy, there were varieties.  
The van was swarming with them.  
Asian,  African, lazy ones.  
There were some trying to hide , but i found  them.  
After a short period of time, i came upon the ancient secret elephant burial grounds!  
What a find!
It was guarded by a  soldier .

Drunken  partyers  at a local native wedding where one was serving as  flower girl .  

 Singing  and  dancing in a Congo Line  while  mothers cared for their  babies.
Rare endangered species.
Herd after herd  just kept walking by.  
I was even fortunate enough to snap a  ninja  elephant trying to make itself invisible like glass.
Some of these guys had so much to drink, i thought they would  pour  it out on me. 
A quick parting shot as one waved good-bye to me, a   group hug , and i was out of there.