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Big Cypress (2006 August) Fire Pit Dig
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All images, text and HTML copyright (c) 2006, Rebellious O'Megan One
Animated   Time-lapse   Mosaics:
Digging the Pit
SpookJam by Day
Fire by Night
Day After Dawn

Pawnee CampSite
Becky in van
3 Trees
RoadSide Field
Hunting CampSite
Wilderness Walk
Special Frames
BackPacking Pookie
T.S. Transport One
Jay Digging
Walking in the Wilderness
Becky and Pookie
Baby Gator
Cypress Swamp
Pond Apples
Old Wild Fire Damage
Circling the Fire
Second Walk in Woods
This series documents the cleaning out and re-digging of the Skunk Ape festival fire pit by Rebel One in Ochopee, Florida, circa 2006.October. It includes a time-lapse photographic mosaic of the festival grounds, centered around the fire pit and facing the stage; as well as a series of wildlife images taken while walking in the wilderness shortly there after. Original images acquired with Polaroid PDC 700 digital camera as 1008x768 jpeg Image frames reduced and viewable in following zoom sizes: original-size 1024x768 640x480 320x200 128x96 64x48