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John Prince (2007 April)
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smokey, cloudy, hot, humid spring.
venus in west, jupiter in east
Becky gone to Ghana.
five rains since government declared a drought.

All images, text and HTML copyright (c) 2006,2007 Rebellious O'Megan One Location: John Prince Park (Floridia) subject: Pookie Monster BlackFoot subject: lygodium microphylum, royal palm, turtle trail, wilderness Original images acquired with Vivitar ViviCam 3750 digital camera "super resolution" lens with fixed aperture=F3.5 and focal length=7.7mm, 3 megapixels true-color CCT scan saved as 2048x1536 24-bit jpeg Images available in these zoom sizes: original-size 1024x768 640x480 320x200 128x96 64x48
imag0107.jpg PhotoMosaics
Lygodium Valley

Special Frames
Walking the Trail
(animation sequence)

Pookie Monster BlackFoot