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History of Science
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copyright © 2012 Rebellious O'Megan One

The following is a 
poetic history of science.

Created in the dawn of time
written now in poetic rhyme
Listen to these words that flow
 since born a million years ago

Much the same as I stand today,
     my ancestors came to stay.
Walking first as naked      animal,
we evolved from chaos  that is all.
Instinctively, without thought,
    empty minds full of nought;
seeking that which keeps us alive:
   air, food and water to survive.

thus my ancestors first walked upon this earth
    then became smart enough to build a hearth
   and sit around the warming fire
to learn the stories of their sire

   is not the question: what is life?
what is the point of all this strife?
the most important question we ever ask
       the one true noble questing task
we try so hard to understand
 Yet we find such varied and 
       contra-dictory answers it seems
from these our sensing thinking dreams
        presented and refined
over the vastness of our time
the question stands both as answered
and yet remains in truth un-answered

there is a fateless step that we take
    beyond that which our senses make
where we dream
                   and create
another world beyond our fate

Fate is that which we cannot change,
    the limits of our sensing range.
     Reality is what we call
the true world around us all;
  that we share with our senses,
which define our present tenses.
        We sense what we feel.
What we sense we know is real.
      To be human is my fate,
and though i may contemplate
the multiverses infinite range,
   my own form i cannot change.

adrift within the infinite universe
shortened and explained quite terse
all is comprised of relative spheres
   the fabric which space time wears
the final perfect structure in all
      is just a simple little ball
   round and pure
it is what you're
made of
sort of...

there is no begining    there is no end
   all of it knowing   i cannot pretend
while it's infinitely vast
   in both future and past
 just what we sense
is infinitely dense
          and today I do charge
that it's both infinitely large
and with the same breathe i will call
     that it is also infinitely small
         and so infinitely diverse
it's hard to keep this story terse

all things
that are
and that have been
that will be
that might be
that cannot be
that were not
and that will not be

all these things, somewhere, somehow
    are happening at once, right now
    inside this complex multiverse
      or in some parallel universe
with all its alternate dimensions
      and simultaneous inventions

hence, there is no real center
not to the universe, my mentor
but i, like all humans, am sentient
         a knowledgable participant
i am a sensitive kind of guy
 and baby, that ain't no lie

Isaac Newton color theory
atomic structure
range of hearing
molecular chemistry
molecular biology

we can do more than merely sense
we can think
with thinking, we can dream
with dreaming, we can go beyond reality.
and, with thinking, we can describe reality

there is order 
and there is chaos
we cannot have one without the other
understand the theory of yin and yang
      of which, i have elsewhere sang

Since there is no begining
nor is there any end
but only spheres
we can sense these spheres
and we can think of them
and give them names
and understand how
they randomly
relate unto each other
with us at their center
for all things are relative
and the only place within this infinite universe
that i can safely call center
is myself

for ultimately
we are each at the center of our own universes
each sensing the real world around us
pinned to the hub of our thoughts

and so,
fate has brought me
into this human form.