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Geologic time scale:
The Earth is about 4.54 billion years old.
Time is divided into
one supereon, eons, eras, periods, epochs and ages.

Hadean Eon
Archean Eon
Proterozoic Eon
Phanerozoic Eon

Hadean Eon = formation of Earth to 4 billion years ago
Archean Eon = "old"
 Eoarchean Era = 4 to 3.6 billion years ago
  First Life!
  biogenic graphite found in 3.7 billion-year-old metasedimentary rocks 
  microbial mat fossils found in 3.48 billion-year-old sandstone 
 Paleoarchean Era = 3.6 to 3.2 billion years ago
 Mesoarchean Era = 3.2 to 2.8 billion years ago
 Neoarchean Era = 2.8 to 2.5 billion years ago
Proterozoic Eon = "first life"
 Paleoproterozoic Era = 2.5 to 1.6 billion years ago
 Mesoproterozoic Era = 1.6 to 1 billion years ago
 Neoproterozoic Era = 1 billion to 541 million years ago

Proterozoic-Phanerozoic boundary

Phanerozoic Eon = 541 millions years ago to today = "visible life"
 Paleozoic Era = 541 to 252.17 million years ago = "old life"
  Cambrian period = 540 to 485 million years ago
  Ordovician period
  Silurian period
  Devonian period
  Carboniferous period
  Permian period = 300 to 250 million years ago 

P-T Boundary between Paleozoic and Mesozoic = mass extinction event (meteor)

 Mesozoic Era = 252 to 66 million years ago "age of dinosaurs" = "middle life"
  Triassic period = 250 to 200 million years ago
  Jurassic period = 200 to 145 million years ago
  Cretaceous period = 145 to 65 million years ago

Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event = 
Cretaceous-Paleogen (K-Pg) extinction event
K-T Boundary between Mesozoic and Cenozoic = mass extinction event (meteor)

 Cenozoic Era = "new life" = 65.5 million ago to present
  Paleogene/Tertiary period
  Neogene period
   Pleiocene =  Pliocene epoch = 5.3 million to 2.58 million BP
    Piacenzian      (older)
   Pleistocene epoch = 2.6 million to 11,700 years ago = "newest"
                spanning world's recent period of repeated glaciations
    Tarantian       (upper)
    Ionian          (middle)
    Gelasian        (lower)
  Quaternary period =
   holocene epoch = 12,000 years ago to present = human civilization
    paleolithic age
    mesolithic age = middle stone age = 20k-5k BC
    neolithic age = new stone age = 9500 BC = 11,510 years ago

  Blytt-Sernander time scale:
written history begins
3760BC moses                    calculates start of Hebrew calendar (Big Bang)
3650BC Minoa                    minoan civilization, bronze age
1600BC Mycenaea                 mycenaean greece, bronze age
1571BC Moses                    born (calculated by James Ussher)
1592BC Moses                    born (calculated by Jerome)
1500BC vedic text               atharvaveda written
1500BC vedic text               rigveda written
1500BC vedic text               samaveda written
1500BC vedic text               yajurveda written
1282BC Aegeus                   king of athens, begin reign
1234BC Aegeus                   king of athens, end reign
1206BC Mycenaea                 begin collapse of mycenaean kingdoms
1184BC Troy                     fall of Troy, end of Trojan War
1150BC Mycenaea                 finish collapse mycenaean kingdoms
1200BC vedic text               upanishads written
 922BC Tiberinus                begins reign as king of Alba Longa
 914BC Tiberinus                ends reign as king of Alba Longa
 850BC Homer                    wrote: Iliad, Oddysey
 771BC Romulus                  born (with brother Remus)
 753BC Rome                     first settlements around Palatine Hill
 600BC Lao-Tze                  founded Taoism
 563BC siddhartha gautama       born in lumbini, nepal
 551BC Confucius                born 
 514BC siddhartha gautama       ends 29 years as prince in kapilavastu
 509BC Rome                     establish Roman Republic (end kingdom)
 500BC vedic text               bhagavad gita written
 485BC makron                   painted vases in athens
 479BC Confucius                died 
 400BC siddhartha gautama       dies
 485BC makron                   painted vases in athens
 450BC Herodotus                wrote: Histories
 431BC Thucydides               peloponnesian war begins
 404BC Thucydides               peloponnesian war ends
 400BC vedic text               arthashastra written
 400BC vedic text               ramayana written
 400BC vedic text               mahabharata written
 390BC Rome                     Battle of Allia, Gauls sack Rome
 300BC vedic text               mimamsa sutra written
 260BC Qin Shi Huang            born
 221BC Qin Shi Huang            conquered warring states united into one kingdom
 210BC Qin Shi Huang            dies
 200BC Quintus Fabius Pictor    wrote
 200BC vedic text               vaiseshika sutra written
 200BC vedic text               nyaya sutra written 
 190BC hipparchus               born in nicaea, kingdom of bithnynia
 127BC hipparchus               trigonometry, astronomical precession
 120BC hipparchus               dies in rhodes, roman republic
 100BC gaius julius caesar      born july 13
 100BC vedic text               yoga sutras of patanjali written
  70BC Publius Vergilius Maro   born October 15 (Virgil)
  64BC Gaius Julius Hyginus     wrote: Fabulae (of Aeneas in Trojan War)
  49BC gaius julius caesar      crossed the Rubicon
  46BC gaius julius caesar      estabishes Julian Calendar
  44BC gaius julius caesar      died march 15
  19BC Publius Vergilius Maro   died September 21 (Virgil)
   0   jesus                    born
  40   jesus                    died
  46   plutarch                 born
 120   plutarch                 dies
 200   goths                    migration from scandinavia into poland
 300   vedic text               puranas written
 406   attila                   born
 434   attila                   ascends throne of the huns
 441   attila                   invades Byzantine
 451   attila                   crosses the Rhine
 453   attila                   dies, March
 500   Jordanes                 writes "Getica" 
 570   muhammad                 born
 589   Visigoths converted to Catholicism 
 622   muhammad                 conquers medina
 630   muhammad                 conquers mecca
 632   muhammad                 dies june.08
 714   pipin the short          born
 741   pipin the short          mayor of the palace
 742   charlemagne              born
 751   pipin the short          king of the franks
 768   pipin the short          dies september 24
 768   charlemagne              frankish throne
 774   charlemagne              king of italy
 800   charlemagne              crowned holy roman emperor december 25
 800   vedic text               shiva sutras written
 814   charlemagne              dies january 28
 950   erik the red             born eirikr thorvaldsson
 950   vedic text               abhinavabharati written
 970   leif erikson             born
 986   leif erikson             colonizes Greenland
 999   leif erikson             converts to christianity
1000   leif erikson             colonizes Vinland
1000   vedic text               yoga vasistha written
1003   erik the red             dies
1020   leif erikson             dies
1162   genghis khan             born
1186   ogedei khan              born november 7
1206   Genghis Khan             begins reign in spring
1209   mongke khan              born january 11
1215   kublai khan              born september 23
1227   Genghis Khan             died August 25 
1229   ogedei khan              ascends mongol throne september 13
1246   guyuk khan               ascends mongol throne august 24
1241   ogedei khan              dies december 11
1248   guyuk khan               dies april 20
1251   mongke khan              ascends mongol throne july 1
1259   mongke khan              dies august 11
1260   kublai khan              ascends mongol throne May 5, Toluid Civil War
1264   kublai khan              Toluid Civil War ends
1265   temur khan               born october 15
1271   kublai khan              founds Yuan dynasty in China
1279   kublai khan              conquers all of China
1281   kulug khan               born august 4
1285   ayurbarwada buyantu khan born april 9
1293   yesun temur              born november 28
1294   kublai khan              dies february 18
1294   temur khan               ascends yuan throne may 10
1302   geegan khan              born february 22
1307   temur khan               dies february 10
1307   kulug khan               ascends yuan throne june 21
1311   kulug khan               dies january 27
1311   ayurbarwada buyantu khan ascends yuan throne april 7
1320   ayurbarwada buyantu khan dies march 1
1320   geegan khan              ascends yuan throne april 19
1323   geegan khan              dies september 4
1323   yesun temur              ascends yuan throne october 4
1328   yesun temur              dies august 15
1368   Yuan Dynasty             ends
1370   Tamerlane                reign begins
1401   Tamerlane                reign ends
1450   christopher columbus     born circa 31 October 
1479                            Treaty of Alacovas (spain/portugal globe line)
1491   jacques cartier          born december 31
1492   christopher columbus     first voyage to new world
1503   nostradamus              born michel de nostredame december 21
1504   Christopher Columbus     awes Jamaican natives predicting lunar eclipse
1506   christopher columbus     died 20 May 
1524   giovanni de verrazzano   explores north america east coast for france
1534                            edict of union, duchy of brittany joins france
1534   jacques cartier          first voyage to the new world
1535   jacques cartier          second voyage to the new world
1536   jacques cartier          second voyage to the new world continues
1536   marguerite de la rocque  noble woman of france flourishes
1541   marguerita de la rocque  marooned by Roberval on Isle of Demons
1541   jacques cartier          third voyage to the new world
1542   jacques cartier          third voyage to the new world continues
1555   nostradamus              publishes Les Propheties
1556   Andre Thevet             book: Les Singularitez de la France antarctique 
1557   jacques cartier         dies september 1
1558   queen of navarre        posthumously publishes heptameron
1560   Roberval                dies
1566   nostradamus              dies july 2
1575   Andre Thevet             book: La Cosmographie universelle 
1586   Andre Thevet             book: the Grand Insulaire (unpublished) 
1557   jacques cartier          dies september 1
1558   queen of navarre         posthumously publishes heptameron
1560   Roberval                 dies
1582   pope gregory xiii        promulgates Gregorian Calendar
1600's circa                    Beaver Wars
1754                            French and Indian War begins
1763                            French and Indian War ends
1776                            United States of American Independence
1812                            USA versus England (War of 1812)
1816                            first seminole war begins
1819                            first seminole war ends
1819                            Adams-Onis Treaty, USA acquires Florida from Spain
1822                            March 30th Florida becomes U.S. Territory
1823                            Treaty of Moultrie Creek 
                                (Seminole reservation in Central Florida)
1823                            Johnson VS M'Intosh, U.S. Supreme Court 
                                (indians could live in U.S. 
                                but not allowed to own land)
1825                            Stavanger arrives NY October 
                                first organized party of Norwegian immigrants
1830                            April.24 Indian Removal Act 
                                (President Andrew Jackson)
1830                            september.27 Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek 
                                (Chocktaw Trail of Tears)
1832  Andrew Jackson            re-elected president
1832                            Treaty of Payne's Landing 
                                (Seminole Trail of Tears)
1833                            Mormons evicted from Jackson County, Mississippi
1834                            Tallahassee-St. Marks line
1835                            Treaty of New Echota (Cherokee Trail of Tears)
1835                            december.28 start Second Seminole War, 
1835   Major Francies Dade      and 103 soldiers march from Fort Brook (Tampa) 
                                to Fort King (Ocala)
1836                            Lake Wiomico line 
                                (St. Joseph to Apalachicola River)
1838                            Missouri Mormon War
                                October 30, Haun's Mill massacre (Missouri)
1839 Governor Lilburn W Boggs   issued Missouri Executive Order 44
                                Mormons flee Missouri 
1842                            second seminole war (begins and ends)
1844 Joseph Smith               murdered (Mormon founder)
1845                            Florida becomes 27th state 
1846                            Mormon Exodus from Illinois
1847                            Salt Lake City founded
1850                            Swamp and OverFlowed Land Act 
                                (gave 20 million+ acres to state of Florida)
1855                            third seminole war begins
1855                            start Third Seminole War
1855                            Internal Improvement Act 
                                (granted land in exchange for new tracks)
1857                            begin Mormon Utah War May
1858                            end Mormon Utah War July
1858                            end Third Seminole War
1861                            american civil war begins
1862 President Abraham Lincoln  pacific railroad act (transcontinental)
1865                            american civil war ends
1887   george martin            publishes "the legend of marguerite"
1860                            Florida Railroad (Fernandina - Cedar Key)
1869   grigori rasputin         born january 21
1880   Henry Plant              (Jacksonville - Tampa)
1880   Henry Flagler            (Florida East Coast)
1886   Geronimo                 sent as prisoner to Florida via train
1887   george martin            pubs "the legend of marguerite [de la Rocque]"
1890   Hamilton Disston         of Philadelphia constructed canal between
                                Lakes Okeechobee + Hicpochee 
                                (headwater of Caloosahatchee River to sea)
1897                            Florida State Railroad Commission grew stronger
1898                            Spanish American War
1899                            aspirin invented
1900                            circa Everglades Drainage District (many canals)
1901                            species precipitin test invented
                                distinguish human blood from animal
1904                            russo-japanese war begins february 8
1905   Napoleon B. Broward      elected governor of Florida January 3
1905                            russo-japanese war ends september 5 
1905   Napoleon B. Broward      elected governor of Florida January 3
1906                            Overseas Extension (FEC to Key West)
1909   Napoleon B. Broward      january.05 end of reign as Florida Governor 
1909                            Palm Beach County created
1915                            Broward County created (carved from south Palm Beach County)
1917                            Okeechobee County created (carved from north Palm Beach County)
1912                            first balkan war begins october
1913                            first balkan war ends may
1913                            second balkan war (june.29 to august.10)
1914                            World War One begins
1915  nicholas ii               russian tsar assumes command of army
1926   grigori rasputin         died december 30
1917                            russian revolution
1918                            World War One ends
1920                            Gulf, Florida & Alabama Railway Company 
1920                            U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Herbert Hoover Dike
1923   Betty Mae Jumper         born (Seminole story teller)
1924                            july.04 Florida road from 20-mile bend to WPB
1928                            Florida's Tamiami Trail built
1934                            Indian Reorganization Act
1938                            Big Cypress, Brighton, Hollywood 
                                Indian Reservations creations
1940                            diesel-electric replacing steam engine
1946                            first indochina war begins
1954                            first indochina war ends
1955                            second indochina war (usa vs vietnam) begins
1957                            Seminole Indian Tribe of Florida, 
                                official recognization and constitution
1959   Buffalo Tiger            meets Castro in Cuba, 
                                granted international recognition of
                                Miccosukee as sovereign country within USA
1962                            January.11 U.S. Secretary of Interior 
                                approves Miccosukee constitution
                                Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida 
                                (sovereign, domestic dependent nation)
1971                            march.06 Miccosukee Corporation formed
                                May.04 officers of Miccosukee Corporation 
                                signed contract with BIA authorizing them to 
                                operate all programs and services provided
1975                            second indochina war ends april 30

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