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copyright (c) 2002,2007 Rebellious O'Megan One

why don't you listen while i sing about myself?
    i am made of time and space,
a male member of the human race.
 i was born in darkest africa,
of parents there from america.
         on the eastern atlantic sea
i was raised in the land of the free
and grew up travelling around the world.
   my life, before you, is now unfurled.

   i'm a nazarene to god,
 scarred like a hebrew slave.
my feet are bare, unshod;
    my head i'll never shave.

    talked to the Sphinx in Isfahan
climbed mountains by donkey in Iran
vacationed in Afghanistan
India, Kashmere, Pakistan
saw New York City while passing through
       ballet and circus in Moscow, too
    met Lenin laying in Red Square
traded medals for bubble-gum there

when family travels to England brought us
      there i met the great collie Brutus
we spent five years living in Trinidad
      a time for which i'm glad we had
    sailed up and down the Caribbean Sea
in a time when it was beautiful and free
surfed the bay of Maracas
    ate steaks in Caracas
canoed muddy waters where the Angels Fall
   but wait, there's more, that's not all!...

Hong Kong, China, and Macau
  where i first studied Tao
had sex on the roof-tops of Jerusalem
     Felt like mighty ancient Absalom

When wars in my HomeLand made me flee
       i came to America as a refugee

      i am Rebellious O'Megan One,
captain of the T.S. Transport One.
i'm an information broker,
        occasional smoker,
captain of a volkswagen van,
 long haired hippy type man.
with a crew of mostly plants and dogs,
        i am the author of these logs.

i'm a nomad traveller up in the north
 a buddhist warrior walking the earth
          fighting evil in defense of good.
meeting people in the global neighbourhood.