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copyright © 2002,2012 Rebellious O'Megan One

Residing in the house called "Day",
   about which i have this to say:
it really is quite a nice magic find,
 a place to calm and soothe the mind.
Built of ancient Dade County Pine,
   it was made and assembled fine.
  Raised in the late eighteen hundreds,
      its been home to spirit kindreds.
Standing strong upon the ocean shore
when other houses the hurricane tore,
    it was gently moved further inland;
  where today you see it proudly stand,
               shaded by some mighty oaks
(which guard the roof of these fine folks).
     Walking through the magic garden,
the thorns and bushes you must pardon;
         stay upon the trails and path,
they will guide through nature's wrath.
Past dragons forged from metal hard
   and bath-tubs buried in the yard,
  where tad-poles swim in nature's jelly
and fat happy buddha stretches his belly!
With a firepit built for the gods
  gently sprinkled with bean pods,
    circled round by volcanic rock
and lots of firewood kept in stock.
 Trees toss flowers at your feet,
while avocadoes are Gypsy's treat.
      Raindrops water the flower bed,
squirrels throw peanuts on your head!
   Cats play along the roof,
two big dogs lay under hoof.
 The pixies and the fairies dance
with Gareth born of sweet romance.
      Cooking on the kitchen stove
the spice rack is a treasure trove
if you should burn the toast
   send it out to be compost
nothing from this house is trash
    we would dare not be so rash!
 And that old rusty bicycle?
  even that we must recycle
for it can still do its part
  serving as nice garden art.