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 I have the urge to recite poetry
about some people very dear to me
   my brand new friend, her name is Jenna
she smells so sweet, with a hint of henna
     i met her dancing at the pier
our friend Linda brought her there.

 but as i had to go away
i to her had this to say,

"I'll be gone one full lunar phase
     which is nine and twenty days
 but though i to the mountains went and flew
       keeping us apart
               every day i will write to you
something from my heart
  before i say my first good-byes
 i want to look deep in your eyes
 and carry with me their memory
    as i travel by land and sea
    and as soon as i return
 i do so much want to learn
 all the truths you wish to share
    all that your heart will bare.
These words for you are a gift,
i hope they do your heart lift."

         it was to my great delight
that she asked me to stay the night
  holding firmly her embrace
kissing gently her kind face
  as far as her past boyfriend goes
she's tattooed with a bleeding rose
      seen upon her shoulder bare
it is tattoed quite clearly there
with tan lines only on the bottom half
 and grandmother's cross upon her calf
            some fond memories are of sex
which i won't write cause they're rated X

           Jenna Lee Davis is her name
although not pronounced quite the same
     for the sake of poetic rhyme 
small mistakes are no major crime
                      February 9th 1970
is the day this world she first did see
 child of polish catholic folk
she won't eat meat or egg yolk
                   a vegetarian, it seems
which helps her live within in her dreams
          born in buffalo new york
her parents, i think they eat pork
those parents, they are divorced
   mother from her father forced
raised with sister in her mother's care
   her father has new family over there
they live together on a farm
   in a valley full of charm
her step-mom she calls "Nan"
   same as my grandmom Anne!
     she once lived as a cook
surviving in that social nook
  but now she is a masseusse
kneading tired muscles loose

               Jenna-Lee, my Jenna-Lee
here is what i think i know about thee
         Beautiful from head to your toes
when you're sunburn, your skin sure glows!