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copyright (c) 2002,2007 Rebellious O'Megan One
Written while dancing with Crazy Fingers, 2002

                  Jenny-Sue, my Jenny-Sue,
Here is all that i think i know about you:
 beautiful from head to your toes,
   you're a woman of few "Hello"s;
    keep your smiles to yourself
(store them on your inside shelf).
       One of these days a beautiful girl
is gonna come take your heart for a whirl,
  take those smiles out to play,
when all of us will have to say
             "Jenny-Sue, our Jenny-Sue
 you know that smile looks good on you!"
Dancing beneath empty high rises,
you're a woman of many disguises:
      Hiding behind dark sunglasses,
look so sweet, like honey mollasses;
      Hair pulled back in a tight little bun,
rose-tinted glasses protect you from the sun;
I've seen your hair in a double pig tail,
  seen your dress billow out like a sail;
            You once had a giant rose,
side-burns curled in neat little rows;
       a dress of burgundy and gold
protects you from the winter's cold.
    Sucking on the nipples of a sexy spring-breaker,
when the girls offer kisses, you're a willing taker.
      Sometimes you carry a guitar;
i don't even know if you own a car.
i know you like to smoke, you like to toke,
         like to sit with your corner folk.
  Friend of the jingly RainDancer,
you are a midnight twirly prancer
 who likes to dance all by herself
  (like some tall blonde fairy elf).
    Tattooed with a pierced heart,
it's more than just mere body art...
last drop of blood by your own hand,
         memory saved by inky brand.
              Everything (i think) is true,
but it don't matter what i think about you;
   Cause Jenny-Sue, my Jenny-Sue,
unto thine ownself you stay true!