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copyright (c) 2003,2007 Rebellious O'Megan One

     Another year, another Road-Trip
got to leave the city, before i flip
         this time heading someplace new
    up to where mountain ridges are blue

"Stop the van!" i had to shout
       "I just want to get out."
i want to put my feet upon the ground
            i want to walk all around
      i've been driving through all the day
and i've finally found where i want to stay
  as the sunset fades into dark
i'm looking for a place to park

scary lights seen from afar
  growl at me, become a car

    firefly faeries guide my way
flickering light is how they say,
"Welcome! to the mountain high,
 reach on up and touch the sky."
water-filled clouds flowing uphill
  carrying on the air a nice chill
    waterfall falling down below
Hey! that's the way i want to go!

              climbing up into the clouds
covering the earth in their misty shrouds
traversing the forest trail
  so sexy in her misty veil
            trees thrust berries in my face
i eat them quick!...against the deer i race!

i could not photograph those deer
     before they ran away in fear
         recording all else i see
the wondrous beauty all around me
turkeys to the left! chipmunks to the right!
      wild animals!  such a beautiful sight.
a butterfly bounces off my chest
    upon my arm he comes to rest
   who's that chasing a wild squirrel?
is that Pookie?...daddy's little girl!
        Pookie digs up a mole
paws him gently from his hole
                 sitting down upon a log
what should i see? but a brown GroundHog!
 a turtle by the road was crushed
his hard shell was greatly mushed
 such sad sight was hard to see
filled my heart with great pity
to inherit this earth, i'll be meek
    living in the land of the Creek
        walk upon the earth most gently
Enjoy! (don't destroy) her great bounty

as raindrops fall everywhere i tread
       the trail becomes a river bed
walking through a shallow stream
    this is my life, not a dream
        crossing over mossy rocks
they'd be soaked, if i wore socks!
  dancing, singing in the rain
"I am Tarzan!  Where's my Jane?"

Climbed up to where the dragons lay
           upon his head i did play
  told him the story of Fafnir
whispered it gently in his ear

    jogging round a mountain lake
bee stings on us both we did take
    Pookie said, "Run Away! Away!
 for here we must no longer stay!"

   now it is time for me to shower
i pray i am brave and do not cower
pray for strength to make me bold
   enough to face bath's icy cold

eating dinner from the Transport galley
    twinkling lights in the city valley
             writing this song by candlelight
it's time to blow it out, and say "Good night."
         all about today i do sing
wandering what tomorrow will bring?...

Ocean waves! and that means surfin'
        swimming with wild dolphin!

-Rebel One
 captain, T.S. Transport One
 Appalachian Summer 2003