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copyright (c) 2003,2007 Rebellious O'Megan One
September 18th 2003
while dancing with Crazy Fingers

Life is like Yin & Yang:  a balance of good and evil.
This poem, taken alone, can seem a little...dark;
but read in context with all my other pier experienced joy,
it reflects the honest balance of life, in the full circle of its wholeness.

      For America, it's a sad sad day
when rumours fly and hippies run away
soldiers come to invade our land
   drive us from our beachy sand
Holy Smoke! sent to the sky
freedom soldiers would deny
   time for us to run and fly
because we do not wish to die
came to dance with our music friend
  which guns and threats try to end
secret police prowl the night
busting people left and right
love my country, hate the government
           a fairly common sentiment
     the masses are on our side
these harsh laws we can't abide
   warnings whispered far and wide
help us through this storm to ride
          we'll be carefull in all we do
come back dancing with our friendly crew.