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While dancing with CrazyFingers (2005)

     i was arrested one month ago
(though at the time i didn't know)
 i was bare-footed seeking peace
he was jack-booted secret police
 while i was dancing at our pier
he pounced upon me smoking there
          while i shivered, feeling frail
he said i would get something in the mail
 a dozen lawyers contacted me
advertising what is their fee
      and now upon the third of May
i hear what e'er the judge will say

        shaved my face like an evil twin
dressed like a lawyer with a case to win
   a possible penalty mine
was a thousand dollar fine
 or an entire year in jail
if my argument should fail
    the evidence i tried to suppress
the search, i said, was a legal mess
           but the law, it did disagree
pipe and resin could be held against me
   so i went before the judge to see
what would be the cost and legal fee
there were two crimes i was charged with
            by Broward County (evil Sith!)
     paraphernalia was in my possession
but in this state of economic recession
         i couldn't afford to buy any pot
so the amount they found on me was nought