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copyright (c) 2005,2007 Rebellious O'Megan One
written Saturday April 16th 2005

sitting here late night at i-hop
  words from my head lightly pop
    forgive my being rude or crass
as i sneak looks through the glass
       sorry, i didn't mean to stare
it's just that, well, you were THERE!
   emotions flicker across your face
as we sit apart in this public place
your beauty is quite devine
 a special treat as we dine
you sit there amongst your friends
    as words to you my heart sends
a college girl, i know that's true
   yet knowing nothing more of you
brown haired, brown eyed beauty
   you could be a spanish cutie
or some rich jappy princess
    even an italian goddess
whichever case may or not be true
    i have enjoyed looking at you