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there are thoughts  inside my head
that for too long i've left unsaid
and if not written before i'm dead
will be lost forever,  gone unread

so please sit and listen for a while
     while i speak in a poetic style
how all the ancient stories are told
  by all the greatest masters of old
in rhythm and rhyme
  and metrical time
the words of my tale begin to unfold

  in the footsteps of Homer do i tread
right up to the side of my child's bed
    where nightly Dr. Seuss is read
as off to sleep they're gently sped
  by Shakespeare, Virgil and Beowulf too
all written in this style that they knew
but before you believe that it's all true
    you should hear what i confess to you

now, i admit i mix lies in with the truth
             which may seem a bit uncouth
thus if you recognize yourself
    in this tale by impish elf
            i apologize if you're offended
please realise that is not what i intended
       i just wanted a fun song to tell
and if i get the details wrong, oh well!
     for the sake of poetic rhyme
small mistakes are no major crime
and if that truth become too hard to face
              all pain i can easily erase
      for asked "if that was you", or i
we can honestly state, "it's just a lie!"
and all crimes we can thereby
            safely just, deny, 

now, there are three types of tales which i tell
       and apart from each other they must dwell
first, there is the story of my life
    a simple tale with little strife
and though i may be lacking tact
 in here is mostly truthful fact

there is another world inside my head
       a place i dream of when in bed
"The Omegan Chronicles" in diction
     this land entirely of fiction
           a science fiction MetaVerse
this tale is long, and not quite terse

and thirdly are my observations
        my personal meditations
Rebel One's Spherical Unified Field Theory
             is a sort of scientific query
into the fundamental nature of the universe
      about which i really want to converse

      but where to begin? where do i start?
where does THIS story find it's very heart?
well, the story of the story begins with the teller
        and that would be me, an interesting feller...


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