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copyright (c) 2003,2007 Rebellious O'Megan One
while dancing with Crazy Fingers

     I met her dancing at the bar
didn't even notice she had a scar
way too busy looking at her sex
  entranced as in a witch's hex
Such beautiful breasts, legs and face
   delightfully warm and soft embrace
 saw her belly button with a diamond stud
while standing next to a guy drinking Bud
I looked in her eyes, and at her hair
     and finally looked down to where
she's tattooed with a Chinese sign
  above her ass, base of the spine
   "What does it mean?" i had to ask
 "it stands for LIFE, my chosen task.
  after all the death I've been through
      I've chosen the path of life anew."
then she showed me her right arm
  scarred by self-inflicted harm
poked by a needle for four and a half years
      the mark of which her arm still bears
hooked on heroine and cocaine
 injected right into her vein
         and when those veins collapsed on in
shot straight into muscle, straight into skin
      until her flesh melted like wax
burned in the fire of drug's dark tax
      when her father went and died
she was so sad, she cried and cried
attempted overdose suicide
wanting Death's final ride
 all that happened was she passed out
   and woke on up with a mighty shout:
"I've had enough of all of this!
  I know my life has gone amiss."
so she gave up on those evil drugs
  traded them for dancing and hugs
while her arm is scarred by all that strife
   now she is marked with the sign for Life.