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copyright (c) 2005,2007 Rebellious O'Megan One
While dancing with CrazyFingers 2005

 Although you really are quite fine
don't be fooled by another bar line
this is just a typical rhyme
 something i do all the time
while i swear you have inspired me
here's the truth i know about thee
    tatooed upon both your calves
covering their entire back halves
     a living shrine to Betty Page
that great beauty from another age
with hair pulled back in a tight little bun
        you look like some disciplinary fun
this is how your work time passes:
 cooking for the starving masses
but while you are front stage dancing
           i just fantasize romancing
 you were in my dreams last night
a soft, sweet, sexy welcome sight
so pretty, so young
    my song is sung
with all the lust my age allows
    without breaking moral vows
      i really hope i don't offend
when to you, your beauty i commend
      enticing you with poetic lure
i assure you my intentions are pure
    everything i say is true
i really like looking at you