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copyright (c) 2002,2007 Rebellious O'Megan One
Written while dancing with Crazy Fingers
during the Harvest Moon at the pier

on the night of the 
full moon rising bright
over calm ocean sea
dancing close with you
dancing looking at you
i thought,
"you are as beautiful as the moon goddess herself"

remembering the errors of mortal Paris
not wanting to repeat his mistakes
i apologized to  the gods for my transgressions

when unknown to me, at that same moment
you paid homage to Aphrodite"s father
cleansing yourself in his gentle waves
rising from the surf
as an echo of his daughter's birth

i realized then 
dark haired, dark eyed beauty
is more that of a mystic Gypsy
or Cherokee princess;
a pure American spirit.

your aura 
     is so innocent
i wonder
if you know 
       your own appeal?