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copyright (c) 2002,2007 Rebellious O'Megan One
Written while dancing with Crazy Fingers at the pier

         I write poetry all the time
i'm obsessed with this need to rhyme
sometimes i fear i'll get in trouble
      if my words are not too subtle

yes, i write what i see with my own eyes
     simple truth wrapped in story guise

thus if you recognize yourself
  in these words by impish elf
i hope that you are not offended
 for that is not what i intended

    please, do enjoy the song
don't get my intentions wrong


 There are many beautiful women at the pier
 and i'm so lucky to see them dancing there
there is one, more than the rest
    whose beauty is the greatest
  she comes just about every week
we always dance and briefly speak
    she always seems to come alone there
with lots of friends and smiles to share

      but i am cursed by my own gods
who strike me with their mighty rods
 i cannnot escape my predestined fate
which forbids me to ask her on a date

i thought that she was only 16 years old
       and her drinking liquor very bold
with time i discovered her name is Paige
        and i could never guess your age
      a Doctor of Psychology!
  teaching at the university!
 with beauty and the brains to match
   no wonder my heart you did snatch

such sad state the gods have made my lot
        to lust a woman who loves me not
    for you are married to one of the band
by guitarist Rich, you have vowed to stand

the day you wed, you made this one man glad
 and broke a thousand other hearts, how sad!
     like Helen of Troy in ancient days
i sing of your beauty with great praise

sometimes i think my thoughts are inappropriate
         and i should not try to be so intimate
i'll not interfere with a marriage strong
       that behaviour is just plain wrong!

so i dance with you from across the room
   enjoy your beauty with my vision zoom
  as the music over us both flows
together, apart, our dancing goes
   i swirl amidst your energy
 twirl it, curl it, around me

        The Yin & Yang atmosphere,
the ratio of male to female there:
sometimes it can be a bit lopsided;
often so bad i can hardly abide it.

then i have to close my eyes
  focus tightly my own vibes
dance only with the women that i know
        enjoying our own private show

    thus even if you can't be my one
we can still enjoy some platonic fun