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copyright (c) 1997,2007 Rebellious O'Megan One
August 6th 1997

is a natural part of my existence
it permeates my soul
part of my essence
my self

i dwell within english words
molding them to my taste
flavoured with passion
communicating skills
i have acquired
i feel

there is a quest for the future

it is not something i easily share
devoid of trust
yet full of glory
i fear
those who rule me
despise those who serve them
and hate 
my own kind
because of the destruction
wrought upon the innocents
that are not like us

i am the powerful ruling elite
i am a slave
i am free to become anything imaginable
and more

there are none like me
and i see my own face in every shadow
twinkling twighlight
spinning stars
galaxies so large i cannot see them
lost in the clouds of space

like ants
and neurons
i crawl upon the surface
of a larger brain
a greater intelligence
something more alive than all its parts
a gargantuan child
stumbling through history
creating civilization
consuming mother Earth
reaching for cosmos
seeking to become the gods once worshipped
oft forgot
in whose names we invoke vast passions
and betray ourselves

i live
that is enough