Poetry & Song
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copyright (c) 2007, Rebellious O'Megan One

this is the story of Rachel's life
 a gentle tale, without any strife

   i met her dancing in the Bamboo Room
the band weaves magic with a music loom

between the dance, we sat to converse
  whence i promised to write in verse
(rhyming english and simple chinese)
  what words from her i could tease

her people are of chinese descent
 now American, though only recent

 her mother was born in malaysia
(an island land in distant asia)
Her father came from British Hong Kong
      but his name is not in this song

    because they fled that communist land
their daughter was born in mighty England

she moved to Maine when  one year old
       where her life began to unfold
    and lived there until twenty-three
then came to Florida (where she met me)

now she's techie working in drug rehab
     caring and driving beyond the lab
where she helps cure their mental illness
 turns tortured souls to gentle stillness

there's more to her than these few lines
          but now i'm just out of rhymes
    but so that i won't be remiss
i promised a tale, and here it is.
this is lifestory of Rachel
this.article is warm and gentle story with no bad

i introduce she when we dance inside bamboo room
the band weave magic from they music loom

between this.2 dance we sit to converse
then i promise to write using verse
left.bracket rhyme english.language and tradition chinese.language right.bracket
what words from her i can get

her ancestor from.2 chinese.descent
now american however only recently

her mother birthplace is malaysia
( island land in distant asia )
her father from english hongkong
but his male name not in this song

because they flee that communist country
daughter brthplace is mighty england

she migrate to Maine when.2 one year age
where her life begin to unfold
and live there until age 23
then arrive inside Florida ( where she meet myself )

now she is work as technology inside drug recovery
aid.2 and drive outside laboratory
where she help cure they mental.illness
turn torture soul to gentle still

there is more to.2 her than these few lines
but now i lose rhyme words ballad
but so i.3 will not be remiss
a story and here it is