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copyright (c) 1998,2007 Rebellious O'Megan One

a poem written December 28th 1998 (Gregorian)
2nd week of Ramadan 1012?
Watching the shadows on the wall
   fight amongst themselves,
i recognize them as my friends
                       having fun.

Contemplating things to do,
     i decide to see my family
              and touch their lives
before this year is through.

Now, plowing through the dark
     ensconced in steel,
i listen to the quiet whispers
     of the wind's tiny shreiks
leaking through the cracks and crevices
     of my surrounding life.

i am full of joy
     and great sadness,
eager anticipation
     and fearsome loathing,
(for my future,
     from my past).

i stand firmly upon my choices;
        it's not those decision i regret,
but many goals, not yet met.

i smile calmly,
        quite content,
life is good;
as it should
     to me.
i have no complaints,
only a burning desire
        to accomplish something more;
to travel far
        in search of lore.

       from high speed,
i slow into the murky woods.
        Moon lit
and bovine infested!
i smell them,
with their psychedelic after taste,
a fleshy, 
   offering to the gods.

i am out of touch,
        communication lines are broken.
Comforted by safely waiting messages,
and with only the stars to guide me,
i search for land marks
        to my rendevouz with destiny.

What a day.
What a year.
What a life.

-Rebellious O'Megan One
 Captain, T.S. Transport One
 Son of William Platt
 Son of Marlene (Gold) Platt
 Adopted Father of Dog Punker One
 Adopted Father of Pookie Monster One