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copyright (c) 2003,2007 Rebellious O'Megan One

   A tale of unrequitted love and woe,
today, to thee, with words, i'll show.

Unto the goddess on high i sent my plea,
       up to the mighty Venus Aphrodite.
      Requested i a simple wife,
to fill the void inside my life.
 For all that is my great desire,
is upon her beauty i should sire
   child and family to hold quite dear
and spending our lives helping to rear.

            Told was i to go dancing,
and there would find sweet romancing.
For daughter of the great Sea King
 would by his shores my love bring
out onto the pier by Fisherman's Wharf
where with joy i would my sorrow dwarf.
  So here i dance with Crazy Fingers.
Still, my heartfelt yearning lingers.
Amongst these barefoot dancing hippy chicks,
                 my bio-logical clock ticks.

There i met a daughter of Brigid,
      so sensuous, yet so frigid.
Thought i, "Perhaps with her i'll hitch."
       This self-professed Celtic witch
           put a spell right onto me,
from which i find i can't break free.

Every Lunar phase i find a shrine
and pray the gods to find me mine.
Of the answers i have oft received,
   a few of them are hard believed!:
Asked i, "How sex with her would rate?"
        Advised, was i, to masturbate!
For though her beauty is quite great,
       she lacks desire mine to sate.
For of the beauty HER eyes would see,
 'tis women she looks at, and not me.
       An actual live lesbian!
Not some mere acting thesbian.

And of that spell which on me she cast
  (that very spell which holds me fast):
it was aimed for someone else, it seems;
      for the other woman of her dreams.
      The other woman with whom i dance:
for her was aimed this spell of romance.
Midst our wild prancing body shake,
        i was hit quite by mistake!
            As wild Cupid's arrow flew,
by chance my heart was pierced through!
Something i know i'll tell to you,
    that witch's aim was not true.

So here i am,
 what a sham!
Such cruel fate the gods have made my lot,
         to love a woman who loves me not.
Still, i know, very next full moon,
   where i'll go, opposite of noon:
    back to DeadHead ocean dance,
seeking some other sweet romance.
For if at first i don't succeed,
   eventually i'll meet my need.
Thus i will try, try, try again,
 'til my lustful quest i attain.

So i found myself in a situation strange
          my heart wanting to re-arrange
 again of the goddess i did ask
to perform for me a simple task
this time to un-do Cupid's spell of attraction
           release from this sweet distraction

 be careful what it is that you ask for
sometimes you get it, and too much more

thus it was with both joy and sorrow
        that i awoke upon the morrow
     and read the witch's answer to my prayer
releasing me from her spell that wasn't there
As for the words to me she did say,
      I replied to her in this way,

"I thank you for knowledge and wisdom shared
  the religious rites for which you've cared
 your advice i have already taken
     seducing you i have forsaken
    i'll be gone one full lunar phase
 mountain climbing for weeks and days

 i leave you to hunt your quarry, 
     while i hunt mine.
       for harm done, i am sorry, 
     but we'll be fine.

      though my poem for you must end
i hope that you will remain my friend."

there were other thoughts inside my head
      that i thought best if left unsaid
  "Oh my god! did i say 'bitch'?
 my own words on me did snitch!"
    "You are quite right you know,
 the women do dance a better show."

-Rebel One
 spring 2002
 written for Jen Pagan
 Dancing with Crazy Fingers on the pier at Fisherman's Wharf