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copyright (c) 2002,2007 Rebellious O'Megan One
another poem written for Paige,
while dancing with Crazy Fingers

                     Oh me!  Oh my!
I've set my standards way too high!
having once compared you to my goddess
with base words, you i can not address
these thoughts trapped within my head
            need poetic rhyme instead
but since i can't create the rhyme
   while living here, in real time
i stand before you, silent and mute
smiling, dumb, while you're so cute

Dancing, sharing friendship's joy
        hugging all, girl and boy
     except for you
(you know it's true!)
to you alone i never get that close
 and here is why, told most verbose:

       you alone i am afraid to hug
afraid of my own heart's gentle tug
   afraid i'll hold you way too tight
wanting to hold you through the night
     afraid i'll never want to let you go
which is the wrong emotion for me to show
        respecting sanctity of marriage
my words and deeds will not miscarriage

 But I cannot fear to tell the truth,
 no matter how wrong, bad or uncouth;
I share these thoughts, right and wrong,
   amidst hope all just enjoy this song.