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We got high, and then we fell down.

        note: SkyDiving with my Dad for his BirthDay Celebration
        date: 2008.march.01.saturday                            
    location: South of Lake Okeechopee, Florida                 
photographer: Smitty, Vide-o-Tape Productions (561) 744-7312    
additional still photographs by Tanya (on ground)
Rebel One:  Video and Pictures
Bill Platt:  Video and Pictures
Diane:  Video only
John Druse:  Video only
Noel Gauntlett:  Video and Pictures
location: Sebastian Inlet, Florida date: 2005.july.30
Steve HedgePath:  Video and Pictures

As of October 2009, the videos were so large, and the internet so slow, with limited hard-disk storage space, and other bandwidth constraints... i was forced to split the data into two seperate locations: the still pictures are stored and displayed normally on the MojoZone, while the video data is saved on DVD disks and available on-line through ephemeral and volatile hosting at You should have no problem seeing the pictures, and with a little patience and luck, even the moving videos. However, if you experience difficulty in viewing the movies, that is to be expected, and i would advise contacting Rebel to ask for a hard copy. Available formats: DVD, USB flash drive, Blu-Ray, CompactFlash, SD-RAM, MMC, Pro-Duo, IDE hard-drive, SATA II hard-drive, PCMCIA, ftp, http, scp, CD-ROM (data itself is free, but there is cost of duplication, blank media, shipping and handling...all at current market value)